Alpaca Experiences – reopening March 2022

Alpaca Experiences – reopening March 2022

Alpaca experiences allow small groups of visitors (up to 12 at a time) to observe, pat and feed an alpaca; learn a bit about the history of alpacas in Australia and the uses of alpaca fleece. Experiences last for around 45 minutes and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Each visitor is treated to a seated information session in the purpose-built shed: learning about alpaca physiology, habits and history. Hands-on activities (for all ages and abilities) are conducted on the antique wool-sorting table to learn about fleece types and animal husbandry. Guests are invited to assist with food preparation for the alpacas, and then hand- or bucket- feeding (as selected by the guest), opportunities to pat (and sometimes hug) the animals. In Springtime you can also add a nature-walk to your itinerary!

Redbank Alpacas farm tours are accessible for all. We do our very best to accommodate groups with special needs and can tailor an experience especially for you.


“EDGE Community Services provides short-term accommodation weekly in the Redbank area to NDIS participants living with a disability. EDGE participants and staff frequently visit Redbank Alpacas.

EDGE participants and staff love interacting with Redbank Alpacas. The property is beautiful and accessible for all EDGE clients. All the Redbank Alpaca staff are lovely and always tailor the delivery format to meet each of our clients support needs. This flexible approach means that individual preferences can be catered for, and each visit is different!

EDGE participants really benefit from the animal encounters. Having the opportunity to be out in nature and learn how to nurture and care for an Alpaca creates a sense of responsibility and purpose for our clients. EDGE is grateful for all the support given on each visit. A rare opportunity for most, a memorable experience for all.”

Tania, EDGE Community Services, June 2021

There are always plenty of photo opportunities and for those that want more, an alpaca trek around Blue Gum Rise.

Redbank Alpacas is open by appointment only, ensuring each experience is personal and memorable; and caters for all ages and abilities. Each farm tour is tailored to the needs and wants of the guests, with no time limits on their stay.

Bookings are essential.

Costs –  Adults: $20, Children (ages 6-16): $10.