Our Animals

Our Animals

We have 27 beautiful alpacas on our property at the moment, including our very popular Brand Ambassadors – Wellington, Wyatt, Lucio and Tino.

They all have different personalities. If you choose to go trekking, we’ll try to match you up with someone of a similar personality!

Wellington is our big, chocolate teddy bear! He helps us by sending out confirmation e-mails and doing all the media work. He has appeared on radio, and in several magazines. He is extremely placid and is a perfect companion for walking in the bush.

Wyatt is funny to be around – especially when there are food treats about. He can’t help but make playful noises as he runs from food bucket to food bucket. He can sometimes get a little impatient with the other alpacas, and can’t understand why they aren’t as eager for food as he is. Wyatt also loves the camera, so if you are trekking with him, make sure you take some photos.

Lucio has an adorable, playful nature. He gets excited for trekking and loves to eat gum leaves. If you don’t pay him enough attention. he is likely to gently nip your clothing, just for some attention. Lucio’s claim to fame was being in a wedding party a few years ago, and even got to wear a purple bow tie.

Tino (short for Valentino) loves to chat. You can be assured that if you are trekking with him, at some stage he will start muttering and humming to start a conversation. If you don’t respond, he’s likely to stop walking until you do!