Our animals love visitors!

Our animals love visitors!

Since opening in September, we have had so many visitors: groups and individuals keen to get up close and personal with some of our gorgeous animals, learn about their history and see some of the items made from their beautiful fleeces.




Our animals are always keen for interaction with the public; especially if it means they receive food treats – a mix of grains and chaff that our guests can help us prepare if they want to!



Wellington and Wyatt have become favourites with our visitors as they enjoy trekking alongside the National Park.  (They are also very keen when the cameras are out, posing for selfies and cuddles!)




Our younger boys are just very curious and, if you’re lucky, may share an ‘alpaca kiss’ with you!       



As always, we’re open most days (by appointment) for both alpaca experiences and treks, for anyone wanting to find out more about these gentle creatures.