Do alpacas spit?

Alpacas do spit – when they are nervous, anxious or cranky.    That said, they are generally well behaved and will let you know in advance if you are annoying or scaring them!   Our trekking animals love to be handled, so there should be no problems at all!  🙂

Can I bring my dog for a visit?

No!  Our alpacas do feel threatened by dogs and may chase, kick or spit at them  They do this to protect their young.  As much as we love dogs, please do not bring your dog to our farm.  🙂

Why are Bookings Essential?

We need to ensure that our animals don’t stress, and so we limit the number of visitors to our property.  There are also occasions when we are attending shows or conducting animal husbandry tasks elsewhere and are therefore unavailable for treks/experiences.

Will the trek be conducted in any weather?

No.  As much as we love walking our animals, we understand that (just like us) they would rather not be walking about in very hot or cold conditions, heavy rain, hail or thunderstorms.

Do you have other animals on your farm?

Yes.  We have chickens, a horse,  a cat, seven squirrel gliders, three sugar gliders and a rufous bettong!

Do you have toilet facilities?

We do not have a dedicated toilet/bathroom facility for visitors.  Our home facilities are available for any ’emergencies’.  🙂